The Gallows opened up for Bad Religion last night and the singer of the band decided to play the whole set from the floor. I’ve seen plenty of singers dive into the crowd for a note or two, but this guy just stood there screaming and running around for half an hour while his band played from the stage. It was surreal.

It also posed a huge photographing dilemma. From the photo pit, my 17-55mm jut couldn’t target the singer, let alone snap a decent shot. I took my chances and headed into the mosh pit where I proceeded to shoot with one eye and avoid the crowd with the other. This is one of those rare occasions where I really could have used a live photo screen. Out of the 100 or so shots I fired, the one above was pure luck. I don’t even remember shooting it. It reminds of those old hardcore pics with the messy border on black and white film. I did not get hit, but a few people were actually targeting the photographers while dancing. It also didn’t help that the singer did not have a wireless mic, so the cable had to be avoided at all cost. Maybe it’s time to get my gear insured.