Every month I make the pilgrimage to Chelsea to photograph and review the gallery’s art openings for either Juxtapoz or one of the many other local art mags or sites. Last Friday I was super excited, because the main artist showing was Chris Mars of The Replacements (a fact that I didn’t discover until that afternoon). Turns out Mars is something of a recluse and doesn’t actually attend his openings. About an hour into the shoot I got a bit worried that there wouldn’t be enough of a crowd or non-artwork to photograph—I was wrong. Turns out another artist was showing in a small room in front of the gallery’s cash register. His name is Mark Dean Veca and his artwork consists of painted collages of pop culture against these giant orange amoeba looking things. Everyone mobbed into his room to see the bright orgy of colors, and I got to shoot some of my favorite shots of a photo with his art work. I was also lucky enough to grab a few photos of the gallery owner and some other short, bald dudes, for one hell of a group shot. Below are some of the outtakes. Click on this link for the good stuff.