Baby Georgie

So, nearly two months after I placed my order, ScanCafe sent me the email I had been waiting for. My photos were ready for review. Just about 170 snapshots dating back to 1979 were available online for me to peruse, reject, and order. Just as Pop Photo stated in their review a few months back, the scans were excellent and the restoration quality is top notch. Sure, the quality on some is grainy and far from crisp, but the source material wasn’t exactly pro-shot.

In the end, I rejected seven photos (you can reject up to 50% of the order), paid for the rest and checked out. The only problem was that whenever I tried to share the photos with anyone (including myself), I would get a failure notice. For nearly a week, no one could see the photos, and they didn’t appear for me when I logged in. After a few calls to ScanCafe, I got through to Matt who personally walked through the problem, gave me his email so I could show him what was wrong, and fixed it within 24-hours. Again, great support if you can get someone on the phone.

I also mentioned that it sucked that it took over a month for the photos to arrive in India for scanning. ScanCafe informed me that it didn’t actually take that long, rather the unboxing, unloading, sorting, and queuing process was included in the whole delivery time. I told them that it would be nice if they could at least let us know when the package arrived in India so we don’t have to worry that our precious shots are lost. They said they were trying to work it out. Again, great support.

Within an hour I had reviewed everything and placed my order. ScanCafe is now burning the high res photos to disc and mailing them back to me with the original photos. Let’s see how long this takes.