Space-37 You’ve got about a week left to check out the Invader exhibit in New York City, just in case you’ve been dragging your feet on it. I had a chance to photograph the artist at the gallery just after the opening festivities and he was a blast to work with.

During his book signing, I noticed that he had an interesting way of signing his name. He used a paint marker to wet the sole of his custom shoes and then just stamp the book under foot. The goal was to get a shot of him kicking at me to get the stamp and his foot in one shot. What I wasn’t aware was or didn’t forsee was Invaders lack of flexibility. Not that I could give a straight kick to the face if I tried, but I had to come up with something just as interesting.

I decided to lie on the ground and photograph him stomping down on me. The goal was to get as little of the white ceiling in the shot and focus 100 percent on the shoe while letting the background blur out. After a few attempts, I managed to score something publishable. Invader had one last surprise for me—I got to recreate the Darth Vader unmasking in Jedi, and I must say, Invader is a much prettier man then the pasty guy in Star Wars.

The show runs through July 25. Check out shots from the opening at


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