On August 2, I had the pleasure of photographing the nuptials of Lori and Edward. This might be the rainiest Summer in New Jersey history and that Sunday morning was no different. I hydroplaned all the way down the Jersey Turnpike to Marlton praying that the traffic would clear up long enough to get to the venue on time. Luckily, just as I pulled off the freeway, the sky pulled the clouds back and the rain finally stopped.

Two hours later, we were celebrating a wonderful wedding at King’s Grand Open Space—a lovely hall overlooking a picturesque lake. The two families were a dream to photograph and the sun came out just in time to take some outdoor portraits of everyone.

The other day I received an email from the bride that floored me:

We just took a look at the slide show…we loved it! Ed had a big smile on his face and I cried, so I can definitely say, “Job well done!” We can’t wait to see the other photos!

Lori, you’re more than welcome.