One of the hardest thing about engagement portraits is trying to find an interesting place to do them. Sure I could drop a seamless in my apartment and fire off a few shots of the cuddly couple, but that’s no fun. I spent a month working with Nicole to figure out the perfect spot to take photos of her and her fiancee Jared. We bandied about ideas ranging from airplane strips to the mountains near her family home, before she came up with the idea of going to Storm King.

Located about an hour from Montclair, near Beacon, New York, is a massive art park that is just as noteworthy for its acres of stunning fields as it is for the gigantic sculptures designed by the art greats like Richard Serra and Isamu Noguchi. The place is a must visit for art lovers, and absolutely stunning in the Fall.

We spent the better part of a day climbing the rolling hills, taking photos, and admiring the amazing view. Nicole and Jared were troopers as we were all winded after walking a few miles. I usually post a slide show if images, but Nicole went and made a series of collages of her favorite images, so I’m going to repost them below. A big thanks to my wife and assistant, Allison, for dragging around my giant reflector on a windy day. She almost blew away twice.




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