When was the last time you sent out an invitation? No, I’m not talking about Evite or anything, I mean mailed out a piece of paper with times and dates. For me, it was almost four years ago when I got married. That was the last time I mailed an invitation. Being that I consider myself an old fashioned girl in some ways, I am a bit disappointed in myself. I think it would be really nice to receive a crisp and colorful invitation in the mail for something as simple as a dinner party. But hey, that’s me. Invitations are an important element in any event because it essentially sets the mood and tone before you even arrive.

A couple of weeks ago George and I met Michelle and Ed, who are getting married in November. Ed is a video game designer (which I totally dig) and Michelle is a graphic artist who creates invitations, stationary, and monograms. Together they form a super creative and talented Voltron of a couple. When Michelle, mentioned that she designs invitations, my ears perked. She had a sample on her and I was in awe. It was the perfect blend of simplicity, romance, and quality that makes a modern-day invitation great.

One of the invitations even had a hint of shimmer to it, and at first I thought it was glitter. One glitter grain will stay with you for the rest of your life. They are impossible to get rid of. But I was wrong. Instead of glitter, Michelle used a paper that had a sparkle “baked” into the paper. The paper was smooth and glitter free.  Another element to her invitations was the use of pockets. They are functional, organized, and are pleasing to the eye. Feel free to check out her site at www.shellystouchboutique.com.

As Michelle and Ed’s wedding day approaches, I’ll be on the lookout to see how she designs her own invitation. I’m sure it will be as creative and fun as they are.

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