After three engagement sessions in a row in parks that featured some lovely but traditional walk-in-the-tall-grass style photographs, it was refreshing to make pictures of a couple in a more urban landscape. Lucy is from Queens and Wally is from Brooklyn, so both wanted a slightly more gritty edge to their photographs—a style of photography I borrow heavily from my rock & roll work and one I adore.

Rather than try to figure out how to logistically traipse through the boroughs of Manhattan in a very short amount of time, the couple were willing to stay closer to their adopted home in Jersey City and let me capture them in a maze of graffiti murals and old factories. I was in heaven.

The only challenge was chasing the light. My photo geek friends know exactly what I mean. We scheduled the shoot late in the day to capture the lovely orange hues that only appear at dawn and dusk (and I am not a morning person). After running around trying to guestimate the moment the sun would peak out, we realized that we were going to have to work with the crazy clouds and try to make photos that aren’t exactly traditional engagement photos.

“Allison, could you grab my flash and hold it over your head?,” I asked my bewildered wife. “No, seriously,” I replied. “Hold it over your head, just to Lucy’s right.” After a few test shots, and some strange looks from the gorgeous couple, I nailed some my first strobist-style photos on an engagement shoot. The shot below and the few at the bottom of the post are the result, and I’m think they look pretty fabulous. Okay, maybe not as awesome as Wally and Lucy, but you know what I mean.

A big thanks to Wally, Lucy, Allison, and Wally’s mom for putting up with my inane prattling and banter. I can’t help it if I’m a touch insane when I take photographs. It’s worth it to see you guys laugh.