Last weekend was the weekend that almost didn’t happen. I’ve been waiting eagerly to photograph Tristan and Russ’s engagement photos since they reached out to me last year to document their wedding. The only problem is that we had to wait until it got warmer and their May 1 wedding is approaching crazy fast. So we set a late March date and threw caution to the wind. Two days before the big day, I get a call from Tristan explaining that Russ is terribly sick and could barely get out of bed. I sulked, agreed, and promised to make it up to her after the wedding.

Saturday comes, and I get a call in the early morning from Tristan. Russ is feeling better and is going to go outside come hell or high water. We packed our bags, loaded the trunk and headed off for an afternoon in lovely Allentown, Pennsylvania. Russ was a trooper, standing in the still cold just barely out of Winter weather while I made the two of them run all over this lovely park just off the main drag. We hopped in the car a few times to warm up, but the chilly weather was more than worth it. Here are a few of my favorite shots from the session.












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