About five years ago, my good buddy Sal Lucci told me that he met the coolest guy in the world. “His name is Chuck Nasty. He’s into comic books, punk rock and video games…you’ll love him,” Sal told me as we were running out of his apartment on our way to the Loop Lounge. A few hours later, I run into a guy in a police outfit, wearing a sailor hat and sporting a fine mustache. “I assume you’re Chuck Nasty,” I asked curiously. “Why yes, I am,” he replied in a voice similar to that of the Old Spice Man. So began a friendship based on a mutual love for rock & roll and general debauchery.

A few months later, Chuck introduced me to Tara. They were dating for a while and she was super cool and friendly. A huge X-Files fan, she spoke at length about her infatuation with David Duchovny and Neil Patrick Harris. In other words, she rocked just as much as Chuck. Both Chuck and Tara were huge supporters of GLK Creative as we transitioned from rock and roll photographers to a full-blown wedding photography company and have helped us in so many ways over the years. So, there was pretty much no way that I could refuse to photograph their big day.

To call their wedding a big day is an understatement—It was a Giant Explosion Happy Wedding and we had a blast documenting it. Tara and Chuck chose a stunning location in the Madison Hotel. The ceremony was held in a glass solarium that had beautiful light pouring in from all sides. The couple wrote their own vows. As they read them, the tears began to flow. I can tell a wedding is “On,” when I look over at Allison and she is welling up while carrying my lenses. The punctuation mark was a first kiss that brought down the house.

The big surprise of the evening was that the cocktail hour was MC’d by the illustrious Uncle Floyd, a cult legend amongst young and old New Jerseans. If you don’t know who he is, look it up. He was gracious as I played paparazzi and obliged every guest with photo. The reception was a huge party complete with dance offs and an endless stream of people flowing in and out of our photo booth. Every time I looked over to see Tara and Chuck, the two were smiling, laughing and simply enjoying one of the most amazing days of their lives. We were so happy to be apart of their wedding and I’m overjoyed to call them great friends of ours. Cheers.

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I want to thank Michael Brown for being an awesome second shooter at the wedding. Best of luck in Dallas.