It’s hard to believe that five years have passed since I spoke my vows to my beloved Allison. That day is forever etched into my mind, even though I don’t remember much from the actual reception. I remember Allison leaving with her bridal party in the early afternoon to head over the the Old Mill Inn to get ready. I spent the rest of the afternoon attempting to make a pseudo punk rock via ’80s cheese mix for the DJ to play. I got so wrapped up making this tape—that would never be played—that I completely lost track of time and realized it was only an hour until the ceremony started. I wasn’t showered or dressed and the venue was half an hour away.

Fast forward 45 minutes, and I’m barreling down Route 287 with Bruce Springsteen’s “Born to Run” blasting from the stereo of my little black Ford Focus. I’m trying not to freak out. It’s a beautiful day and I’m ignoring the incessant texts from my best man, Josh Goldfarb. I get there with a few minutes to spare. Peel off my denim jacket. Throw on my tux and run to the ceremony. It turns out I have an half hour. Joy.

The ceremony was very special for us. We searched high and low for an interfaith minister that could blend the Greek and Jewish traditions into one uber ceremony. Rev. Ren Porter did it flawlessly. I read my vows, lit a candle for my grandmother that passed on a few months earlier, and said “I do” without shedding a tear. It was hard. Allison was stunning in her dress. She looked like an angel with her porcelain skin and beautiful smile. She was the one thing that kept me from thinking this was all a dream.

We put together our whole wedding ourselves, keeping it to the bare minimum of guests—close friends and family only. We wanted this to be a party, not a formal reception. We wanted fun music, lots of great food and wine, and smiles all around. We succeeded. All 48 guests (yes, only 48 guests) partied the night away and we were actually able to enjoy the festivities.

Many people call their wedding the best day of their lives. I find it hard to say that, because it truly felt like an out-of-body experience. It was almost as if I was watching someone that looked like me get married, cut the cake, and dance with the most stunning woman in the world. I look back at my photos, taken by the amazing Kristin Reimer of Photomuse, and smile every time. She did a fabulous job capturing memories that I would never have remembered unless they were caught on film.

Five years later, and I’m happier than ever and still as much in love with Allison as the day she took me to be her husband (maybe even a bit more). I’m blessed to have an awesome family and great friends, and look forward to decades upon decades of fun and excitement.


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