Atlantic City Engagement Photos

Krista and Chris are one of those couples that I could photograph for days. They exude this happiness that infects everyone around them and makes me love my job that much more. When we first met with the couple, Krista made it clear that their photos had to be in Atlantic City. Chris had proposed to her in one of the life guard stations and they really wanted to spend an afternoon documenting their love amidst the sand and waves.

We picked a beautiful day in early Fall, just as the tourists cleared out of the Jersey Shore. I spent hours watching the two laugh and joke as the sun melted into this beautiful ball of of light, just perfect for photographing two people so obviously enamored with each other. The best part, was that they were open to just about any silly idea I had, including running through the waves as high tide came in. It was so worth it. This is one of my favorite collections of photos from the past year and I’m so excited to head back to the shore in a few weeks to document their wedding.

Check out Krista and Chris’ Atlantic City Engagement Photos:
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