“You’re old, right?” Brittany asked me while I was plodding away at some horrendous news story about layoffs in the pharmaceutical industry. “Um, I think I’m like five years older than you. I’m not sure that constitutes old, but what can I help you with,” I replied. “I met this amazing guy, and he’s so nice to me and I just want to know if there’s anything wrong with dating an older man,” she said. “Allison is four years younger than me, and we’ve never had a problem,” I explained. “As long as you care about each other and he’s good to you, that’s all that really matters.”

Needless to say, Brittany and Steve became an item and I had to listen to hours of stories about how awesome he was. Not that I minded one bit. In exchange, Brit was forced to hear me prattle on about how I was going to be a wedding photographer and she would eventually have to let me document her nuptials. Fast forward a few years—we both moved on from pharmaceutical journalism, she bounced between Florida and NYC, and I’m packing for a weekend trip to Buffalo and Niagara Falls to photograph what might be one of the most stunning weddings ever—the marriage of Brittany and Steve. These two are fabulous together and I’m so proud to call them my friends. I’m so excited see them get hitched and can’t wait to celebrate their wonderful day with them.

In the meantime, here are a few of my favorite photos from their engagement session. Brittany wanted a stylized shoot at the Waldorf Astoria (albeit, guerrilla style) followed by a stroll through Central Park. We happily obliged and capped off the evening with a night cap at their favorite bar. See you guys in a few days. Go Gators, woooo!!!











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