When I first met Nicole and Derek they made one thing very clear to me. Their wedding was going to be one giant party and my priority was to capture everyone having a blast. “No problem at all,” I replied with a grin all over my face. The couple did not disappoint. Guests were handed a bottle of beer the moment they walked into the ceremony at the lovely Studio Square in Long Island, Queens—a massive, renovated warehouse that doubles as a beer garden, but without the sticky floors and drunk frat boys.

Both Nicole and Derek are huge baseball fans. Fine, that’s an understatement—Baseball is pretty much their lives. She works for MLB and is constantly traveling to games. In fact, the wedding had to happen before the season started just to make sure wasn’t running around frantic. Derek is a gigantic Mets fan who went so far as to have the sign-in book replaced with a Met’s Jersey sporting the couple’s last name.

The ceremony was simple and elegant. The two, joined by their lovely bridal party, shared a few words in front of friends and family bathed in the light of the New York skyline. Nicole looked amazing in her dress, but her Met’s blue Manolo’s stole the show. Following the ceremony, I whisked the couple up to the roof (there’s always a 50/50 chance the venue will say yes) to capture a few moments with the couple alone. Every time I’d ask Derek to do something that might be misconstrued by most people as ridiculous, he would give me this stare that read, “Are you kidding me?” But Nicole would grab his hand, smile her adorable smile, and two minutes later the two were up on the water tower flanked by a blue Spring sky.

The reception was out of control fun. Beer was flowing and hip hop was the pouring through the speakers as friends and family tore up the dance floor. If the goal of the evening was to have a the best party ever, Nicole and Derek succeeded triumphantly. Congrats on the awesome wedding.

Check out Groom Sold Separately for more info about the wedding courtesy of Nicole and Derek.

Floral Designer: United Floral Co
Ceremony & Reception Venue: Studio Square Events
Dress Store: Alfred Angelo
DJ: More Than Music
Tuxedo and Mens Attire: cufflinks.com

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