I have the best clients. No, really, I do. Case in point, a few years back I photographed Lucy and Wally at the Landmark Loews Theater in Jersey City. Outside the front doors were these wacky coin-operated rides for kids. The moment I saw them I knew that I had to get my beautiful couple to pose on them. “Would you mind,” I asked Lucy expecting her to laugh at me. “No problem,” she said as she jumped in the boat. Wally took his place on the giant turtle, and I knocked off a few portraits. With all the worrying about hair, dresses, tuxes, guests and food, it’s sometimes easy to forget that your wedding is a party—possibly the biggest party of your life, but still a party. Parties are meant to be fun and exciting, and I make sure that the few moments we have for portraits are relaxed and enjoyable for everyone. If it means being silly for a couple of minutes. I’m completely up for it.