Alison and Barry’s story is one of love and admiration. The two are brilliant researchers who spend their days scouring the world of science for cures to some pretty horrible diseases. In other words, they are pretty awesome people. Alison knew of Barry through the volumes of papers and dissertations she had read of his over the years, while studying for her own neuroscience degree. Through a series of chance encounters, the two met and fell in love amidst conversations of jazz and clinical trials.

Their wedding reception was held at the beautiful Oakeside Mansion in my hometown of Bloomfield, NJ. The place is a mesmerizing manor built amidst a sea of gardens and greenery. I’ve been itching to photograph a wedding at the Oakeside ever since I moved around the corner last year, and the building was just as magnificent inside as it was from the street.

The reception was exactly as Alison had described. “We want the reception to feel like a party in an cool, old jazz club,” Alison told me when we met. Needless to say, Alison made it happen. Blue Soul with Herb Woodson on vocals nearly tore the tent down with their raw jazz stylings and guests, both young and not so young, danced the night away to tunes ranging from Miles Davis to the Rolling Stones. Barry and Alison toasted their family and friends with great music, terrific food, and plenty of love. Here’s to many years of happiness.


Cake/Catering: Frungillo Caterers
Mountain Lakes, NJ

Music: Blue Soul with Herb Woodson as the vocalist

Florist: The Garden Shop
Upper Montclair, NJ

Hair & Make-up: Edgar Anthoney Aspen Hair
Montclair, NJ

Wines and Spirits: Amanti Vino
Montclair, NJ