Engagement Photo in Front of Jersey City Graffiti

My favorite portrait sessions are usually the ones where the couple surprise me. Case in point: Kimberly and Andrew. The two reached out to me a few months ago after having been inspired by Lucy & Wally’s portraits on my portfolio page. The two wanted engagement photos that captured both the grittiness of Jersey City’s urban jungle as well as the charm of its waterfront. I was enamored with them from the first phone call—they nailed my style perfectly. “We want nothing traditional,” Kimberly explained. “We want fun and different photos that don’t scream engagement session.” I was so happy to oblige.

We met up a few weeks later at a coffee shop in downtown Jersey City. I had never met them in person before, so I had to play a game of peek over the shoulder and guess if the next person that walks through the door is a coffee fiend or my clients. They weren’t too hard to miss. Kimberly and Andrew showed up dressed to the nines—a perfect contrast to the city around us. Along with Kimberly’s awesome sister Kristin and Allison, we spent a few hours touring the cobblestone streets capturing lovely photos and exploring the amazing old buildings that pepper Jersey City’s avenues.

We took a break about halfway through the shoot for an outfit change and a chance to pick up Kimberly and Andrew’s two beautiful puppies. With the whole family in tow, we headed out to the Jersey City waterfront just before sunset. After a few shots, one of the dogs decided it was time for a swim and made a break for the Hudson. I was shocked, but Kimberly just laughed and we proceeded to create some adorable portraits of the whole family once my new puppy friend dried off. Who says that you can’t bring pets to an engagement shoot? God created Allisons to play with cuddly animals while Georges shoot photos. It’s written in science journals and maybe even the bible. I swear.