For a photographer, few things are as cool as getting a wedding album in the mail. Without sounding egotistical, seeing my work on huge 12×12-inch pages, perfectly color corrected, and in vivid colors and contrasty black and whites makes me swoon just a tiny bit. Last Friday, I got my first metal album sent to me from Graphistudio featuring the company’s new ultra-rigged paper. This book is massive, weighing in at about 10-pounds, and it looks absolutely luxurious. We delivered the album to Brittany and Steve on Sunday afternoon over a sweet lunch at the Lighthorse Tavern in Jersey City. I seriously almost knocked over a plate of french toast trying to clear some room for Brittany to view her album. Seeing her face light up as she relived her wedding was worth every minute it took to design the album. When I got home Brittany sent us one of the most touching letters I’ve ever received from a client:


It was so wonderful seeing you and Allison today. You guys are truly two people who make the world a better place; Steve and I are blessed to call you friends. Thanks again for creating one of your greatest masterpieces to date: our wedding album. We will forever cherish it. It’s absolutely, positively stunning!

Britt & Steve

It’s days like these that make me stop and realize just how amazing my job is. Thank you Britt & Steve for making my life more fun, exciting, and fulfilling. Here’s a look at the rest of their album.