GLK Creative Featured on Moment Junkie

It’s hard not to smile when you see your work  spotlighted on a blog or in a magazine, but it’s even more exhilarating when said media outlet features a collection of emotional and momentous images curated by some of the top wedding photographers in the industry. Case in point, last Friday, one of my favorite images from Xena and Firas’ wedding was spotlighted on Moment Junkie and I couldn’t be more excited.

The image was photographed mid-reception and I had no idea it was going to take place. At one point, I heard one of the groomsmen yell, “Throw him in the air,” and I just thought they were going to lift Firas up and mount him in their shoulders or something. Instead a group of family and friends created a makeshift human stretcher, laid him down on it, and proceeded to throw him in the air, gaining more height as he went up and down. I really thought he was either going to hit the ceiling or they were going to drop him.

I only had a second to make the photo and I wasn’t paying attention to settings or framing. I literally stuck my eye in the viewfinder and clicked the shutter in one fell swoop. I’m so happy that it actually came out in focus and the framing of his body below the the mural and above the wall. I couldn’t have asked for a better angle. Luckily, Firas made it down in one piece and I was left with a photo worthy of Moment Junkie.