I don’t usually get requests for engagement sessions from couples living all the way up in Vermont, but after hearing how Thomas’s story about how a Jersey boy made his way to the maple syrup state to find his soul mate, I just couldn’t resist. Luckily he chose a much closer location for the proposal, having popped the question to Mairi in Washington Square Park. So we decided to do a little tour of lower Manhattan and Brooklyn to truly capture some fun photos of them in their favorite part of New York City. We started our journey at McSorley’s Ale House—arguably the oldest active bar in the United States. You just have to love couples that don’t bat an eye at kicking off an engagement session with a few drinks. The best part is that it completely eliminates the 20 minutes of awkwardness that usually takes place at the start of a portrait session.

After a few doubles, we headed off to Washington Square Park, which was basking in stunning light that just lit up Mairi’s beautiful locks. I swear she was glowing. The two merrily partook in every crazy idea I came up with. Mairi laughed as Thomas did cartwheels on the long Washington Square Park Benches, and we all enjoyed the lovely spring weather that engulfed the city. After a quick stop at Pommes Frites (Mairi and Thomas where Belgium Fry virgins), we headed off to Brooklyn to capture New York from a better vantage point. They say the best views of Manhattan are from Brooklyn and they aren’t kidding. Thomas noted that he wanted to have their portraits taken in the shadow of the Freedom Tower to show their children that they were there while it was being built. The sentiment was touching, and as a photographer I completely understood where he was coming from. These are images and memories that happen once a lifetime and I was so glad to capture them for Mairi and Thomas.