There is only one requirement on a GLK Creative engagement shoot — I want everyone to have fun. I fully realize that it’s a tiny bit awkward to walk around a public area being followed by paparazzi while you are making out. There’s no way around it. But my goal is to make sure we’re having a blast while making said photos. Luckily, all of my couples know how to have a good time and Jason and Sandra are definitely a fun couple.

When I met these two, Sandra made it a point to tell me that she had to put away her dog because he was probably going to cause chaos during the consultation. I smiled and said, “sure,” while conjuring up visions of a Bullmastiff in the other room. After an hour of yelping, I asked Sandra to just let the puppy loose. How bad could she be. Much to my surprise, the cuddliest little Chihuahua ran out to greet me. I think I made a friend that day.

So when it came time for the engagement shoot, I had no problem bringing Vanka with us. Allison makes a perfect dog handler, and puppies are the perfect accessory to just about anything. We spent a lovely afternoon roaming Weehawken and checking out the brilliant New York skyline. Jason and Sandra entertained me for hours by agreeing to almost every half-baked posing idea I had. I promised not to do anything that would land us on the engagements section of, but I might have failed (see last photo). Thanks guys for the awesome session. I promise not to do anything too silly on the wedding day. Just bring Vanka with you and maybe Brownie too.