Vanessa and Regan hold a very special place in my heart. Regan is, hands down, the best DJ in the Tri-State area. He is the first vendor I ever met that encouraged me and waxed positive about my work. The couple at the very first wedding I ever photographed just so happened to be his partner-in-crime MC Eddie and his lovely wife Lorie. They say nothing matters more than your ring of referrals, but the truth is, nothing matters more than the positive energy from amazing people like Regan, Vanessa, Lori and Ed.

A year or so ago, Regan reached out to me via Facebook to tell me that he proposed the most beautiful, intelligent, brilliant woman in the world and he didn’t want anyone but me capturing his big day. I swooned and drove down to meet with him and his stunning new fiance, Vanessa. The two turned out to be the perfect compliment for each other. Vanessa is sassy and sweet and matches Regan’s ever-upbeat attitude to a tee. The two have a love for house music that I’ve never seen, and the love they have for each other is simply mesmerizing. It’s just hard not to be happy when you’re in their presence.

On the day of the wedding, Regan did not disappoint. After a momentous ceremony at Metropolitan Baptist Church, hundreds of guests packed into the Montclair Women’s Club for an evening of sweat, breakdancing, and celebration. I have never seen a dance floor shake like I did that night, and I can’t believe I was in the middle of it all. Guest DJs took to the wheels of steel for hour long battles while MC Eddie kept the bodies moving. In the middle of it all, Regan and Vanessa lived it up like it was the beginning of their lives together. Congrats to you both. We are so blessed to have you as clients and friends.