It’s hard to write about a couple that you share a deep connection with, but I’m going to do my damnedest to explain how amazing Ashley and William are without babbling endlessly. Ashley is one of Allison’s closest friends and a fellow co-worker. I had been hearing about how cool Ashley was since the day they started working together and was super stoked to find out that she wanted me to photograph her big day. I’m often hesitant to photograph colleagues or friends, but when I met Ashley and Bill I realized that Allison was right on the money in terms of coolness factor.

Ashley and Bill share a bond for Philadelphia sports teams, bar-hopping, and late ’90s ska bands. The two can discuss, in depth, the greatness of the Philadelphia Eagles and Against Me. It’s like a match made in indie-rock heaven. No couple has ever made me ponder the controversy surrounding the so-called Oldest Bar in the United States. Was it in New Orleans or New York? I’m still not sure. They are like a treasure trove of factoids. But the best part about Ashley and Bill is that they are honest to goodness best friends, and you can’t help but notice how much they care for each other on a level that simply transcends the words husband and wife. Ashley is Bill’s world and Bill is hers. Sorry to lay on the cheese, but it’s true.

Their wedding day was spectacular, albeit extremely warm. With the thermometer pinging 100 degrees, we slowly worked our way around Chesapeake City, Maryland, a quaint little village overlooking a harbor. The ceremony was out in the open at Pell Gardens, on an old wooden stage overlooking the water. Onlookers and friends watched as Ashley made her way down the path of rustic houses to the the stage where Bill stood waiting. Vows were said, rings exchanged, first kisses kissed and the celebration kicked off in the nearby Chesapeake Inn. To call it a reception is an understatement, Ashley and Bill threw a party that the locals will  be talking about for a while. Over the course of three hours, I learned how to do the Lean Back Dance, the Pizza Maker, and saw someone’s date do a version of the Dougie that would make Doug E. Fresh stand back. The best part was seeing Ashley and Bill right in the mix, never leaving the dance floor or pausing for anything but a drink. No matter what the DJ played, the newly married couple tore it up with friends and family all night long and it was a wonderful to be right there with them. Congrats Ashley and Bill. You guys rock big time.


Cake : Sweets to You by Ginger
Wilmington, DE

DJ : Fantasy Productions
Chester, NJ

Catering : Chesapeake Inn
Chesapeake City, MD

Florist : Walton’s Flowers
Pennsville, NJ

Make-up/Hair : Alfred Stephens Salon
Pitman, NJ

Wedding Gown : Allure