film noir engagement photo

I have a very short list of engagement photo themes that I would kill to do. Near the top of the list is a traditional film noir engagement shoot with all the trimmings. When Jen and George told me that they wanted a vintage noir look to their engagement portraits, I nearly squealed with excitement. The two weeks prior to the session were spent searching the Internet for inspiration and dissecting scenes from movies like Rear Window and Vertigo. I think Allison sent me three dozen screen shots for inspiration. In the end, I went with my own take on Bonnie and Clyde, using George and Jen as stand-ins for the dangerous duo. The results turned out brilliant considering it was 100 degrees and humid in Bloomfield, NJ that night. I’m particularly proud of the shot against the window which required two off-camera flashes firing through the windows. The boudoir portrait in front of the vanity was actually taken at my parents’ place. You have no idea how cramped it was in there with the lights. I seriously could do noir engagement sessions every day.

In case you want to do a movie-themed/styled engagement shoot and are in need of ideas, here a few I would kill to do. In no particular order:

  • Battle Royale (but will settle for Hunger Games)
  • Any Alfred Hitchcock movie
  • Anchorman
  • Fight Club
  • One word: Zombies
  • Roman Holiday
  • Legend of Billie Jean

I would also give my first born to photograph a masquerade wedding or a wedding at the Mai Kai with fire dancers. A boy can dream.

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