Shooting at My Moon was like a breath of fresh air. While it’s, dare I say, easier to photograph a wedding in a typical New Jersey wedding factory, it can get very monotonous after a while. When Hannah and Sergio told me that they were renting out a restaurant that was once a factory, I grew exceedingly excited and looked forward to this wedding all Summer.

My Moon lived up to expectations. The venue offers a lovely balance between industrial an elegant. The courtyard is small, but offers a ton of portrait options, including brick and graffiti. Basically, it was love at first sight. The wedding itself was a also different in terms of style and feel. Hannah and Sergio are both very spiritual people, having fallen in love while on a missionary excursion. On paper they are as different as can be. Hannah is artistic and care free. Sergio is intense and introspective. Together, however, they bring out a joy that is infectious, and their nuptials were truly a blending of all worlds.

The ceremony was held in the courtyard of My Moon, hidden from the bustling streets of Brooklyn. The couple were married by two pastor – one speaking in English and another in Spanish. Friends joined in for an hour of prayer and song, and the whole ceremony was simply magical.

An hour into the reception, the dinner tables were pushed aside for an evening of dancing and festivities, led by DJ Carol Moore. Hannah and Sergio were swept up in a fever of joy and excitement that carried through the evening sky. For eight short hours it was easy to forget that we were in Brooklyn. In other words, it was a perfect wedding.


CakeBetty Bakery
New York, NY

DJCarol Moore of A Starry Night
New York, NY

GuitaristEleazer Rodriguez
New York, NY

VenueMy Moon Restaurant
Brooklyn, NY