For years I feared the sun. For photographers, the sun means raccoon eyes, terrible shadows and squinty eyes. I use to avoid it like the plague and tried to schedule shoots for early morning or into sunset. But when I became a wedding photographer, I realized that you can not control the day and if a ceremony is going to happen at high noon, outdoors, under a brutal sun, you have to shoot it right or hang up your cameras. I chose to embrace the sun and really learn how to hone it, control it, and use it to make my photography better. Case in point, the sun was everywhere during my wedding day portrait session at Saddle Brook Park with Jason and Sandra. All the trees were off a rain soaked path, and I didn’t want to risk muddying up Sandra’s gorgeous dress. Instead, I kept turning the couple until I found the perfect spot where the sun reflected off the ground to light their faces, while the brunt of the sun basked them in a ray of light that looked simply ethereal. No fill light was used in this shot; just some quick thinking and fancy positioning.