I have to be honest, I don’t have any formal training in posing couples. I have a dozen or so poses that I pull out for variety—or if the couple is a bit nervous about cuddling in front of a stranger—but for the most part I usually just tell one of the two to do something odd and then I keep shooting until they just ignore me and have fun with each other. This is one of my favorite captures from my recent Central Park engagement session with Jan and Mary. I just told her to pin him against the fence and tickle him. They posed for half a second, but that gave way to a hilarious moment between the two that made for the perfect photo. You just can’t pose these types of images. To be fair, Mary and Jan completely eschewed the inevitable 20 minutes of awkwardness that proceeds almost every engagement sessions. They just jumped into any zany scenario that I threw at them, and I can’t wait to blog their full set in a few weeks.