If you had told me a year ago that I’d be documenting a wedding at a Lobster House in the Bronx with a waterfront view, I would have probably said, “Wait, the Bronx has a waterfront?” Yes, you heard me correctly, the Bronx has a stunning waterfront view with fancy boats and seafood joints—just like the Jersey Shore, but not. I was kind of shocked when I crossed the bridge onto City Island and entered this alternate universe version of the Bronx. However, the goal of the day was not to find live seafood in New York, but to document the nuptials of Emma and Chris—two of the coolest people I know, and fellow enthusiasts of all things Tiki and Rockabilly (not to mention an affinity for Sunny Buick tattoos).

I can’t lie, the day was cold, but the guys and gals in this bridal party were troopers. We made our way around the harbor for about an hour looking for some bad ass backdrops to use for portraits. As you can tell from the photos below, the afternoon was a complete success. Emma and Chris are a truly adorable couple. She’s a spunky punk rocker with a love of a cats and tattoos. He’s the guitarist of the Memphis Morticians and an all around cool dude. The two formed like Voltron as they said their vows and exchanged rings on the Lobster House dock at sunset. Afterwards, family and friends gathered for an evening of surf and turf and Rock & Roll. In other words, it was my perfect wedding. 

First Kiss at Lobster House