In the past few years, I’ve gotten to know dozens of couples, but Jackie might have left the most indelible impression on me. She is one of those people that perfectly blends sarcasm into almost every conversation and has no problem dismissing any idea that might come off lame or cheesy. In the few short hours that we’ve spent together, I realized that Jackie would be my favorite comedian, if she had chosen stand-up as her career instead of architecture. Judging by her eye for amazing locations, I think she made the right choice. On the flip side is Keith—an honest-to-goodness nice guy who is up for almost anything and and a blast to hang around. “Just tell me what to do, and I’ll do it,” are the greatest words a photographer wants to hear next to “We’re not doing a bridal party arch.”

The two said their vows in front of the Princeton Marriott at Forrestal—a stunning marvel of angular architecture that truly stands out from the cookie cutter wedding factories that are typical of New Jersey. The location offers a bevy of backdrop options for family and bridal portraits, however sunset was upon seconds after the ceremony concluded. We realized that the light was falling fast beyond the forest line and we would have to jump into my car to chase after it. Jackie and Keith didn’t hesitate for a second. We flew down the street and found an open field that had the perfect amount of sunlight pouring through the foliage. It was just one of those magic moments that you can’t grasp unless you’ve been forced to chase down the sun. Unlike drunken relatives and crazy wedding planners, the sun doesn’t exactly listen to you when you yell at it.

Back at the Marriott, the reception party was in full force, featuring photo booths, props galore and an endless supply of guests willing to do anything for a laugh. In addition, Jackie eschewed the traditional Venetian table and cake for a candy bar by Sugar Rush that would make any fan of sweets swoon. My favorite part of the evening was watching Keith smile thoughtfully as he held his new bride during their first dance—”Thank You” by Led Zeppelin. While Zeppelin doesn’t seem like a natural fit for a wedding song, Robert Plant’s lyrics were perfectly chosen for Jackie and Keith. “If the sun refused to shine, I would still be loving you / When mountains crumble to the sea, there will still be you and me.” 


Candy Bar
Red Bank, New Jersey

Anthony Setaro/Sounds to Go DJs
Red Bank, New Jersey

Wedding Planner
Zachary Witt
Director of Event Planning & Operations
Princeton Marriott Hotel at Forrestal
Princeton, NJ

Monday Morning Flower and Balloon Co
Georgianne Vinicombe
Princeton, NJ

Make-up Artist
Jennifer Egger

Hair Stylist
Nicole Ehnstrom

Wedding Gown Designer
Mon Cheri