Long Island Beach Wedding Photo

I’m slowly working on my review of the new Fuji x100s—the first camera I’ve used in years without a capital N in front of it—and figured I should post at least one photo from it. One of my favorite features of the x100s is the different filters that can be layered over an image. Hands down, my two favs are the Toy Camera mode, which creates photos that look Lomo-rific and the Tilt/Shift mode, which fulfills my hunger for a TS lens (without forcing me to drop $2k for one). While it sucks that the filter modes only produce JPG images, the resulting photos are usually dead on. The photo above was taken on an overcast day on the beach in front of Gurney’s in Montauk, using the tilt shift feature (ISO 200, 1/2000th, f/2.8). While it isn’t a perfect replacement for the lens, I was able to capture a different image for the couple. The camera is now pretty much always hanging around my neck, strapped between my D3s and D4 on my Holdfast Moneymaker. I don’t use it a ton during weddings, but when I’m stuck for a shot, it’s nice to have a completely different camera to stimulate my creativity.