There’s no denying it, I call my brand Rock & Roll Wedding Photography to separate myself from the four billion wedding photographers in the tristate area that are all mason jars, brides on horses and photos with so many effects that look like they’ve been pee’d on. But more so, I want to attract a client that appreciates rock and roll and punk rock as much as I do. Music is in my heart and it’s my life; as much so or even more than photography. While I don’t expect all my clients to be in punk bands, I tend to attract people that appreciate non-traditional and unusual art, music and photography. In other words, I’m not your parents’ wedding photographer. I’ve been very lucky to have a handful of clients and friends that actually spend their weekends kicking ass on stage. So instead of showing you their wedding photos or random event photography, I decided to do a post documenting them in all their glory.