When photographers discuss ideal clients, they usually talk about stunning models that never complain and can pose for a styled photo in front of a giraffe with little or no direction. When I talk about ideal clients, I have been known to use adjectives like weird, nihilistic, kind of insane and open to anything. I’m strange like that.

Case in point: Jessica and Danielle. This North Jersey power couple is pretty much ying and yang when it comes to personalities. Jessica is intense, boisterous, loud and has a warped sense of humor. Danielle is quiet, thoughtful, passionate and always seems to be pondering world domination and the abolishment of stupidity. But when you put them together, they form like the Constructicons into a force of nature that’s both inspirational and amazeballs.

For their engagement session, we settled on a Jersey City trek that took us from the urban art district all the way to the waterfront (just in time for sunset). Most of the afternoon was filled with off-color jokes and a health helping of self deprecation, but I think we managed to come away with a lovely set of images. It also helped that we capped off the night at Zeppelin Hall Biergarten (also known as heaven).

Check out Dani and Jessica’s gorgeous engagement photos: