There are couples that are in love and there are couples that are kindred spirits. Jessica and Danielle are definitely the latter. When the two came over for their consultation, it was obvious that Jessica was driving the conversation while Danielle was sizing me up to see if I was lame or not. The two didn’t judge me on the fact that I had never shot a same-sex marriage before, and said they chose me because I wanted to photograph kick-ass weddings, no matter what the couple looked like.

Once I got to know them, I quickly realized that Jessica was actually the quieter one in the relationship and more apt to post online about her adorable puppy and burgeoning comedy career, while Danielle actively attempts to start revolutions in third-world nations. They are like polar opposites, magnetically drawn to each other by a shared love for fun and insanity. It’s a match made in heaven.

Their wedding took place at one of my favorite venues, the Liberty House, overlooking the New York skyline. The two shared their vows in front of a bevy of friends and family, as the last rays of sun fell behind venue. The reception was a maddening display of dancing and partying that never seemed to end, even after a sparkler send off that could only be described as epic. Throughout the night, the Danielle and Jessica never stopped laughing, never stopped dancing and never stopped holding each other. This is what true love is. This is why I love what I do.

A huge thank you to Cliff “The Half-Asian Sensation” Cooper for second shooting. His images are peppered throughout.


The Liberty House
Jersey City, NJ

Carlo’s Bakery
Hoboken, NJ

Sound Explosion DJs
Staten Island, NY

PF FIlms
Montclair, NJ

Beth Davis
Jacksonville, FL

Make-up artist
Cynthia Uzzolino
Bayonne, NJ

Wedding Gown Designer
Jessica – Camille La Vie
Danielle – Kenneth | Winston