madison square park engagement photos

During our consultation, Paula jokingly mentioned that she would love to do a winter engagement session in the snow. I chuckled and said that would be great, but it’s next to impossible to schedule a snowfall. Fast forward a few months to January 23, 2016 and the east coast was hit with a massive blizzard, dumping up to three feet of snow in the New Jersey/New York area. I knew how much it meant to Paula that we did a snow shoot, so I patiently waited to see when the emergency travel ban would be lifted. The moment I had the green light, I called the couple to try to find me a parking spot, jumped in my car with my camera kit and sped (carefully) to Manhattan to spend a few cold hours in the snow.

Paula and Alex were stoked and settled on Madison Square Park for the shoot. The park was nearby and it wasn’t too packed with people and yellow snow. We found parking on a snow drift and I spent two hours photographing the two making snowmen, snow angels and even engaging in a snowball fight. I took photos until my hands and rear-end went numb and then I shot a bit more because I’m insane. The resulting photos depict a couple in love on a fun and snowy winter day. Purple lips and red cheeks aside, this adventure was more than worth it.

Check out Paula and Alex’s Madison Square Park engagement photos: