Rebecca and Chaz met eight years ago at Brown University where the two freshman were working on their undergraduate degrees. Chaz’s mother Sherry takes full credit for the two meeting. As she tells the story, she purchased a Passover meal plan for Chaz to encourage him to eat properly during the high holy holiday and wouldn’t take no for an answer. Chaz begrudgingly followed his mother’s orders, which led to him meeting Rebecca at the cafeteria also partaking in said meal plan. The two became fast friends their freshman year and fell in love their sophomore year.

Fast-forward eight years later and Chaz is nervously awaiting Rebecca for their first look. You can tell they are truly in love as they had just left each other’s sides an hour before, but that didn’t stop Chaz from lighting up ear-to-ear as his bride approached in her gorgeous gown and embraced him. Here’s a small wedding photographer secret: That’s an easy tell as to whether a couple truly love each other.

The two shared their vows in front of hundreds of friends and family in a lovely ceremony officiated by two of their closest friends. I want to make a note to anyone that thinks you have to follow traditions to have a perfect wedding. The ceremony opened with both Rebecca and Chaz’s adult brothers scattering petals for the bride to walk on. We don’t need no flower girls. The levity sparked a trend fun and laughter that lasted the whole night.

I love the fact that the two eschewed the cheesy flower arch reception entrance and instead their friends stretched dozens of finish line tape streams across the entranceway, which Rebecca and Chaz tore through before beginning a marathon hora and mitzvah dance that spotlighted all the awesome achievements the two have accomplished over their near decade-long courtship.

The Sephardic Temple in Cedarhurst was ablaze with excitement and dancing for the next four hours as friends and family tore up the dance floor thanks to a brilliant set by the Nafshenu Orchestra. Later in the evening, the couple shared a first dance to “I Found You” by the Alabama Shakes that turned into a father/daughter, mother/son, brother/brother dance that just melted your heart and brought a smile out from everyone watching. This is what a fun wedding should look like. Congrats Rebecca and Chaz on an epic wedding.

Big thanks to Moses Cruz for second shooting for me and kicking ass all night long.

Check out Rebecca and Chaz’s epic Sephardic Temple wedding photos below and relive the day.


Ceremony & Reception
The Sephardic Temple
Cedarhurst, NY

Nafshenu Orchestra
Lawrence, NY

Jerusalem Florist
Woodmere, NY

Make-up artist
Paula Young
Oceanside, NY

Hair stylist
Tina Scalera
Seaford, NY

Wedding Gown 
Emma Marie dress by Maggie Soterro
purchased at Lucille’s Bridal
Orange, CT

Joseph Tobias
Jason Kirschner