Hoboken New Jersey Engagement Photos

One of the biggest challenges of being a professional wedding photographer is trying to get a fresh perspective on a location that you’ve shot at a million times before. Couples typically find me because they either saw my work at their venue (which I shot at before) or stumbled on my blog while Googling photographers in locations I’ve shot other couples at. On one hand, this means my search engine optimization skills are paying off, but on the other, it means that I’m stuck shooting at the same spot over and over again. Luckily, for my couples, I try to never take the same photo twice. 

Take Mollie and Logan, we spent a late afternoon traipsing through Hoboken, a town that I not only photographed many times over, but a city that I spent a good chunk of my youth in (mostly Maxwell’s before it became lame). The couple wanted a mixture of waterfront and urban photographs and Hoboken is next to perfect for this type of shoot, thanks to it’s cobblestone roads, access to a historic train station and plenty of waterfront views of New York City. Mollie and Logan did an excellent job keeping up with me as we roamed streets that I’ve never gone down, looking for a photo that I’ve never taken or seen before. It’s challenging, but it’s also what makes this job so much fun and one of the big reasons why I love being a wedding photographer. 

Check out some of my favorite photos from Mollie and Logan’s Hoboken New Jersey engagement photos.