12 Fun Facts About George

So you like my photos, but you are probably wondering what I’m all about? Here are the Top 12 things you should know about me (but might be afraid to ask).

1. I have an amazing wife, Allison, whom I’ve been with for more than 15 years. If you ask nicely, she will probably give you great advice on what vintage outfits to wear at your engagement shoot.

2. I have two cats named Icarus and Penelope, but we call them Icky and Lops. Yes, Lops is a Bengal. No, you can’t skin her and wear her coat.

3. My top three favorite bands of all time are Bad Religion, The Ramones and The Misfits.

4. The first band I ever photographed was Weston in 1995, the day after my senior prom.

5. I collect Tiki Mugs. Allison and I have traveled the world on a quest to visit every authentic Tiki bar. My favorite drink is the Painkiller. I don’t care if it has an umbrella, as long as it isn’t pink.

6. I’m obsessed with mid-century design. I’m a huge fan of Ray and Charles Eames, Isamu Noguchi and George Nelson.

7. Both Allison and I collect modern art. Sadly, we’ve run out of space on our walls.

8. I only listen to vinyl records. And yes, I think vinyl sounds better than CDs. Don’t argue me about it. You won’t win.

9. I love to ride motorcycles. I don’t think there’s a better way to relieve stress than on two wheels. I own a Triumph Bonneville and a Vespa GTS. They mean the world to me.

10. I’m obsessed with toy cameras, but I don’t shoot with them enough.

11. I like smart television. My favorite shows are Game of Thrones, Justified and Breaking Bad.

12. I photograph weddings because I believe wedding photography should be a fun and stress-free experience. I don’t know if I’m hardwired differently than most photographers, but I love shooting weddings more than anything in the world.

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