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New Jersey | New York Engagement Photos

Star Wars Themed Engagement Photos {Rebecca & Clay}

There’s no point in babbling or wasting your time. These aren’t your parent’s engagement photos andCLICK HERE TO VIEW ALL PHOTOS

Grounds for Sculpture Engagement Photos {Lauren & Keith}

I truly believe there is such a thing as kindred spirits; people that you just click with on a level beyond day-to-dayCLICK HERE TO VIEW ALL PHOTOS

Times Square Engagement Photos {Andrea & Steve}

I have to be honest, there’s really nothing romantic about Times Square on a Sunday evening. Tourists are out inCLICK HERE TO VIEW ALL PHOTOS

Asbury Park Engagement Photos {Christina & David}

There are very few people that I meet with and know instantly that I’m going to be fast friends with them—thisCLICK HERE TO VIEW ALL PHOTOS

Coney Island Engagement Photos {Stephanie & Marty}

About 15 minutes into my photo shoot with Stephanie and Marty, I asked the two if they had any problem doing someCLICK HERE TO VIEW ALL PHOTOS

Vintage Hot Rod Engagement Photos {Patti & Jeff}

For the record: I am not a fashion photographer and I have never done a styled wedding or engagement shoot. I’mCLICK HERE TO VIEW ALL PHOTOS

Metropolitan Museum of Art Engagement Photos {Caren & Adam}

There’s nothing I love more than a challenge, and when Caren told me her idea for engagement portraits, I justCLICK HERE TO VIEW ALL PHOTOS

Bethesda Fountain Central Park Engagement Photos {Sabrina & Matt}

I can’t lie. I tried to discourage Sabrina and Matt from taking their engagement photos in New York during oneCLICK HERE TO VIEW ALL PHOTOS

Lindsey & Phil {Kip’s Castle, Verona Engagement Session}

The challenge with engagement sessions, particularly those in New Jersey, is finding a nice quiet spot that is bothCLICK HERE TO VIEW ALL PHOTOS

Jen & George {Film Noir Engagement Photos}

I have a very short list of engagement photo themes that I would kill to do. Near the top of the list is a traditionalCLICK HERE TO VIEW ALL PHOTOS

Madam Maries Engagement Photo

Kristen & Alex {Asbury Park Engagement Photos}

One of the biggest challenges for a wedding photographer (or at least for me) is finding an engagement sessionCLICK HERE TO VIEW ALL PHOTOS

New York Transit Museum Engagement Session

Hannah & Sergio {New York Transit Museum Engagement Photos}

One of the best parts of being a wedding photographer is finding new and innovative ways and locations to photographCLICK HERE TO VIEW ALL PHOTOS

Abby & Joe {Columcille Megalith Park Engagement Photos}

A smart person once told me that you should always surround yourself with amazing people, because they encourage youCLICK HERE TO VIEW ALL PHOTOS

Sandra & Jason {Weekawken, NJ Engagement Photos}

There is only one requirement on a GLK Creative engagement shoot—I want everyone to have fun. I fully realize thatCLICK HERE TO VIEW ALL PHOTOS

Mairi & Thomas {Washington Square Park Engagement Photos}

I don’t usually get requests for engagement sessions from couples living all the way up in Vermont, but afterCLICK HERE TO VIEW ALL PHOTOS

Engagement Photo in Front of Jersey City Graffiti

Kimberly & Andrew {Jersey City Engagement Photos}

My favorite portrait sessions are usually the ones where the couple surprise me. Case in point: Kimberly and Andrew.CLICK HERE TO VIEW ALL PHOTOS

Atlantic City Engagement Photos {Krista & Chris}

Krista and Chris are one of those couples that I could photograph for days. They exude this happiness that infectsCLICK HERE TO VIEW ALL PHOTOS

Nicole & Derek {Flushing Meadows Park Engagement Photos}

I met Derek through a close friend and badgered him about my wedding photography over a few drinks one night.CLICK HERE TO VIEW ALL PHOTOS

Washington Square Park Engagement Photos {Ashley & Bill}

When I met Ashley and Bill for the first time, it was like meeting kindred spirits. She’s a sales planner at aCLICK HERE TO VIEW ALL PHOTOS

Jersey City Engagement Photos {Lucy & Wally}

After three engagement sessions in a row in parks that featured some lovely but traditional walk-in-the-tall-grassCLICK HERE TO VIEW ALL PHOTOS

Tara & Chuck {Airport Engagement Session}

When Chuck and Tara broached the idea of doing something different for their engagement session, I was alreadyCLICK HERE TO VIEW ALL PHOTOS

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