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Featured NJ • NY Wedding Photography

Chakra Paramus NJ Wedding Photos {Ivy & George}

There’s something almost déjà vu about Ivy and George’s relationship. A nice Greek boy meets a stunning Jewish girl,CLICK HERE TO VIEW ALL PHOTOS

Asbury Park Berkeley Hotel Wedding Photos {Christina & Dave}

Dave and Chrissy’s story is one of luck, love and happenstance. Many moons ago, Chrissy took a trip to the WestCLICK HERE TO VIEW ALL PHOTOS

The Gramercy at Lakeside Manor Wedding Photos {Sarah & Diamond}

My journey with Sarah and Diamond has been a year-long celebration, spanning multiple ceremonies and a phenomenalCLICK HERE TO VIEW ALL PHOTOS

Nanina’s In The Park Wedding Photos {Veronica & Jeremy}

I don’t know much about challenging career choices (I was an English major), but I’ve been told that theCLICK HERE TO VIEW ALL PHOTOS

Shelter Rock Jewish Center Wedding Photos {Stephanie & Marty}

One of the  craziest things about being a wedding photographer is the insane degrees of separation you get between youCLICK HERE TO VIEW ALL PHOTOS

Skylands Manor Wedding Photos {Christina & Andrew}

The big difference between wedding photography and other genres of photography is that no two weddings are the same. ICLICK HERE TO VIEW ALL PHOTOS

Crystal Point Yacht Club Wedding Photos {Dorothy & Gary}

Dorothy is one of those wonderful people that don’t require any nudging or bothering to get things done. SheCLICK HERE TO VIEW ALL PHOTOS

Fun and relaxed NJ wedding photos

Bridgewater Manor Wedding Photos {Patti & Jeff}

When Patti calls Jeff her Superman, it isn’t a metaphor for his personality or charm. Jeff actually looks likeCLICK HERE TO VIEW ALL PHOTOS

Gurney’s Inn Wedding Photos {Sabrina & Matt}

For us Jersey folk, Montauk might as well be at the end of the Earth. Depending on the day of the week, the journeyCLICK HERE TO VIEW ALL PHOTOS

Liberty House Wedding Photos {Mary & Jan}

Nothing says Spring like a lovely sunny day at the Liberty House in Jersey City. Flowers were in full bloom, the lightCLICK HERE TO VIEW ALL PHOTOS

Cedar Hill Country Club Wedding Photos {Caren & Adam}

Caren and Adam set this year off with a  kick ass wedding that almost made me forget how frigid this past winter was.CLICK HERE TO VIEW ALL PHOTOS

Mayfair Farms Wedding Photos {Lindsey & Phil}

When you run in punk rock circles, it’s very easy to get to know just about every person in your area with yourCLICK HERE TO VIEW ALL PHOTOS

Hannah & Sergio {MyMoon • Brooklyn Wedding Photos}

Shooting at My Moon was like a breath of fresh air. While it’s, dare I say, easier to photograph a wedding in aCLICK HERE TO VIEW ALL PHOTOS

Brittany & Stephen {Mansion on Delaware Avenue Wedding Photos}

Nothing brings me more pleasure than photographing a wedding for a couple that’s near and dear to my heart.CLICK HERE TO VIEW ALL PHOTOS

Point Pleasant Beach Wedding Photos {Krista & Chris}

I had to ford at least three flood zones to get to Point Pleasant Beach for Chris and Krista’s beach wedding.CLICK HERE TO VIEW ALL PHOTOS

Seasons Catering Wedding Photos {Sandra & Jason}

The one thing I love about weddings is the organized chaos that surrounds the early part of the day. There’s noCLICK HERE TO VIEW ALL PHOTOS

Rockabilly Wedding at City Island Lobster House {Emma & Chris}

If you had told me a year ago that I’d be documenting a wedding at a Lobster House in the Bronx with aCLICK HERE TO VIEW ALL PHOTOS

Ashley & William {Pell Gardens and Chesapeake Inn Wedding}

It’s hard to write about a couple that you share a deep connection with, but I’m going to do my damnedestCLICK HERE TO VIEW ALL PHOTOS

Stroudsmoor Country Inn Wedding Photos {Abigail & Joe}

Photographers often dream about shooting weddings in exotic locations, surrounded by nature and dripping with charm.CLICK HERE TO VIEW ALL PHOTOS

West Orange Manor Wedding Photos {Lea & Mike}

Every year, I get the rare privilege to share in the most private and emotional moments in the lives of people whoseCLICK HERE TO VIEW ALL PHOTOS

Women’s Club of Ridgewood Wedding Photos {Jen & George}

I truly believe that adversity brings out the best in people, and that couldn’t be more true than in the case ofCLICK HERE TO VIEW ALL PHOTOS

Shadowbrook Wedding Photographer

Shadowbrook NJ Wedding Photos {Kristen & Alex}

There are couples that rock and then there are those that truly put complete faith in you to perfectly capture theirCLICK HERE TO VIEW ALL PHOTOS

Princeton Marriott at Forrestal Wedding Photos {Jackie & Keith}

In the past few years, I’ve gotten to know dozens of couples, but Jackie might have left the most indelibleCLICK HERE TO VIEW ALL PHOTOS

Kate & Dan {West Park Winery Wedding Photos}

When I first met with Kate and Dan, she explained that she wanted relaxed, artistic portraits at her wedding andCLICK HERE TO VIEW ALL PHOTOS

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