Mick Jones at Asbury Lanes

Last night, I got the rare opportunity to photograph one of my heroes at a club that holds 350 people. Chances like these don’t pop up to often, and when you get the call that Clash guitar slinger Mick Jones is in town with his new band, you come running. The show was at my favorite club in the whole world, the Asbury Lanes, and the band rocked for an hour and a half solid. He tore through most of the stuff off of his new record Carbon Silicon, which sounds a lot like The Clash and not alot like BAD. That’s a good thing.

Here’s the bad thing. Half way through the set, my 40D craps out on me. First it just kept reading “busy” when I tried to fire a photo off, then the autofocus gave up, finally the ISO and live view went. Panicked, I packed it all up and watched the rest of the show sans camera. The next day, the camera wouldn’t even show my photos (luckily I saved everything to the computer already). I showed the camera to my IT guy, who promptly removed the battery and the CF card and told me to wait five minutes. He then popped the battery and the card back in and the whole thing started working again. Go figure. He claims it just needed to reboot.

I called Canon anyway and got a lovely tech guy who a)spoke English b) new cameras c) wasn’t reading off a script. After a few minutes of detailed questioning, he came to the conclusion that it was either a strange glitch or something malfunctioned with the lens. I’m praying it’s the former, because I’m not about to give up my 24-70mm L to send to Canon for repairs. If anyone else has a problem like this, post it below. I’d love to hear what happened.