I don’t usually plug things I like that aren’t camera related, but I’m going to ask everyone to watch Big Lake, Tuesday at 10 and 10:30 ET on Comedy Central. I’m not the biggest comedy fan, barring the occasional South Park episode or Hasselhoff roast, but this show is pretty near and dear to my heart.

It stars Chris Gethard, my favorite comedians and the closest thing I had to a little brother growing up. He’s my best friend Gregg’s sibling, and I spent my formative years crashing over his house, playing Road Rash and forcing Chris to listen to me prattle about my failed female conquests while his brother passed out on the couch. I hope I didn’t corrupt him, but I’m sure I didn’t help.

Over the years, I’ve watched him manage over-the-hill wrestlers, impersonate carnival workers on television, spoof Daryl Strawberry to the chagrin of the real Daryl Strawberry, and make thousands of people laugh by just being himself. Chris is proof positive that karma works when you are a good human. He never turned down a friend in need and goes out of his way to help other comedians and strangers. The guy is a gem and wish the best with his new show, and I’m truly blessed to call him a friend.

The photo above was taken after a taping of the Chris Gethard Show in the living room of his apartment (he’s the guy with the arms raised, dead center). It might not have been a crowning achievement to cram that many people (and a production team) into a tiny space, but he was thrilled to pull it off. Tonight, he’s going to pull it off on a much bigger stage, and everyone is rooting for him.

Chris, thanks for being awesome.