People often comment about the bridezillas, the nutty mother-of-the-brides, the wacky drunk uncles, but more often than not the amazing wedding stories are about the weddings that come off without a single hitch or hiccup. Case in point, the recent wedding of Susan and Mark at the Valley Regency in Clifton, NJ.

Never in my career have I met a bride so not nervous or anxious. I arrived at her house as all of her bridesmaids scattered to put on gowns without being poked or prodded. Susan did her own makeup (which looked stunning, I might add), and all the important details were ready for me to photograph. At the hall, Mark was putting the finishing touches on his tux while family members commented on the lovely flowers and decorations. The entire bridal party was a dream to work with—no one complained about portraits or the weather.

The ceremony was outdoors under a pleasant, overcast Clifton sky, and the service was simple and elegant—just long enough to take some amazing photographs, but short enough to keep antsy guests happy. The Valley Regency pulled off all the stops during the reception. The ballroom was large and divine—an elegant hall that allowed plenty of room for guests to dance and mingle.

Mark and Susan danced the afternoon away as friend and family celebrated their nuptials. I had a blast photographing the dozens of kids that showed off their moves on the dance floor, and our photobooth was hopping all day. This was a perfect wedding.

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