Stephanie met Michael in a book store. He slyly came up to her and asked if she liked reading the author of the book she held in her hands. Steph had no idea what book she had in her hands and was about to make a witty joke about where he should go, but something stopped her from blowing him off. The two talked, exchange phone numbers, but she never thought she’d see him again. To her surprise, he called her the next day and asked her out on a date. After that, they either talked or saw each other every day.

When you ask Steph about Michael, she says that he has the most caring heart and soul. She says that she never trusted anyone as much as she trusts him and she knows that no matter what, life will always be ok with him in her life.

We had an amazing time documenting their wedding in Keene, New Hampshire. This was our first trip to NH, and we were shocked by how courteous everyone is (cars actually stop at crosswalks) and the landscape was spectacular. The ceremony took place at St. George Greek Orthodox Church, a small building that was obviously converted to a Greek worship hall in recent years. The wedding was a traditional Hellenic affair, with an exchange of crowns and a candle-lit parade around the alter (albeit a bit cramped).

Pink light poured through the red stain glass, casting everything in a rose hue and creating a dazzling array of color in the stark (for a Greek church) white room. Stephanie was all smiles as she made her way down the aisle, hanging from her father’s arm. Michael held back the tears as the priest walked them through their vows and they exchanged rings. I always say that you can really tell when a couple is truly in love and Steph and Michael perfectly personify that statement.

“The world could be falling apart but he knows how to calm me and make me feel secure,” Steph told me after the wedding. “A few years back I had surgery and he took such great care of me. That was when I knew he was the one.”

Thank you so much for inviting us into your lives and letting us photograph your big day. We had a blast and wish you many years of happiness. Stin ygia mas.


Cake: Tastefully Wright
Wilton, NH

Music: Main Event DJ’s & Entertainment
Londonderry, NH

Reception/Catering: Keene Country Club
Keene, NH

Flowers: Naturally Elegant Designs
Keene, NH

Hair/Make-up: MJD & Company
Keene, NH