I probably should have posted this before leaving the country, but I didn’t have a fun photo to go with it. Allison and I are in Costa Rica for a little bit of business and a couple of days of relaxation. I really thought this country was going to be a giant hippie commune, so we’ve been avoiding it when brainstorming vacation ideas; however, we couldn’t have been more wrong. Costa Rica is absolutely wonderful. Every meal is flawless, the people are friendly and helpful, and the land is so lush. We’ve spent the last few days locked up in a resort, so Allison is complaining about the lack of sloths and monkeys, but we plan on rectifying that with a trip to Manuel Antonio Natural Reserve to cap off our journey. By the way, zip lining is life changing.

Here’s a picture of some Brahma Bulls Cows. I’m sure you were expecting some landscapes or a photo of a crocodile or monkey, but this just seemed a bit more fun.