A smart person once told me that you should always surround yourself with amazing people, because they encourage you to be an awesome person. Whether or not that’s true is up for debate, but I try to put myself in situations where those around me are truly remarkable. Case in point: Abby and Joe.

Many moons ago, Abby took on the role of editor in chief at a magazine that I regularly freelanced for. I quickly ramped up my butt kissing to ensure that I wouldn’t lose my place in the assignment pool, but soon discovered that she was a superb editor and just a great person to be friends with.

When I decided to transition to a career in photography, Abby was one of the first people to “fan” me and she wrote me a lovely note stating something along the lines of “I don’t even have a boyfriend, but I want you to photograph my wedding when I get engaged.” I was moved.

Fast forward a few years later and Abby has been smitten by a chef named Joe. The two are adorable together. She’s meticulous, incredibly intelligent, and kinda geeky, which balances brilliantly with Joe’s fun-loving personality and often dry sense of humor.

For their engagement session, Abby chose a completely atypical backdrop in Columcille Megalith Park. The place is part sculpture garden and part Stonehenge. An explanation really doesn’t do it justice, but it is a visually epic place to take photos. We spent the afternoon walking around and playing paparazzi as Abby and Joe enjoyed the day together. The two simply radiate happiness making photography absolutely effortless. Here are a few of my favorite photos.

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