NY Botanical Gardens Engagement Couple in Sunbeam

Wedding photography can be stressful, but it has way more perks than you’d think. I love meeting new couples, discovering how their personalities click in front of the camera, and making beautiful images at locations I never knew existed. To think, prior to meeting Alex and Lara I didn’t even know New York had a botanical garden beyond the one in Brooklyn (and that one doesn’t really count).

I met Alex a few years back at his cousin Jared’s wedding and was super excited to get a chance to document his own nuptials to Lara. The two met through the Internet and quickly sparked a relationship built on their mutual love for the arts and culture (not to mention each other). A few weeks back, I met the couple outside of the gardens (located right next to the Bronx Zoo), and spent a few hours before closing time capturing photos that, I think, truly bring out Alex and Lara’s personalities. Not to mention that they look absolutely adorable.