For the record: I am not a fashion photographer and I have never done a styled wedding or engagement shoot. I’m just not the biggest fan of uber-posed photos and I prefer the raw emotion of a couple in love to forced cuddling. That said, Patti and Jeff proved to me that I could do a styled shoot that has just as much love as a typical “Girl and Boy in a Park with Cherry Blossoms” e-session. Last year, Jeff informed me that his cousin was in the Gasket Goons, a Western NJ hot rod club, and I could have an all access pass to their club house. I couldn’t say yes fast enough. Allison and I have been obsessed with finding a mid-’50s Ford or Chevy pick up truck, so this was more car porn than we could handle. I’m no going to say a ton about this shoot, since it pretty much speaks for itself. I had an amazing afternoon photographing Patti and Jeff amongst the cars and bikes, ogling some amazing vehicles and coming up was crazy photo ideas. The light that day was majestic, we had a surprise hot air balloon pass overhead and the fields behind the club were a photographer’s dream come true. A huge thanks to the NJ Gasket Goons for showing so much love. Thank you for letting me geek out.