Nothing says Spring like a lovely sunny day at the Liberty House in Jersey City. Flowers were in full bloom, the light was perfect and I got to photograph two of the most laid back, coolest people that I’ve ever had in front of my lens—Jan and Mary. When we first met, mid-last year, I was taken by how stress-free they were while planning a wedding, especially due to the fact that they were getting married in Jersey, but lived hundreds of miles away in Northern California.

After spending some time with them, I’ve realized that their demeanor isn’t an act. Jan is a physician and spends his days putting people at ease and solving problems. Any free time the two have is spent running triathlons and going on adventures. Mary and Jan live and breathe the saying “work hard and play hard.” Beyond just being good for each other, they are also best friends and you just feel optimism in the air when you are around them.

The ceremony took place outdoors, just past the giant chess set, in front of a stunning New York City skyline. A trio of violinists tuned up as guests flowed onto the patio. The sun was low, the light was golden, and everything was perfect. Mary made her way down the aisle held by her mother and staring gleefully at her groom who was waiting patiently with his Uncle Mike (who did an awesome job as the officiant for the big day). As the sun set around us, friends listened to Uncle Mike elegantly talked about the love the couple share for each other.

Among the lyrics and poems spoken during the ceremony, one caught my attention. It’s not often that you get to hear the words Johnny Cash at a wedding, but my ears perked up big time as the lyrics from the Man in Black (I know he didn’t write it, but he rocks) were recited by one of the groomsmen. “No matter what may be the style or season. I know your love will always see me through. I love you for a hundred, thousand reasons. But most of all I love you ’cause you’re you.” No truer words could be spoken for a couple so much in love. So I’m going to let the photos speak for the rest of the wedding. Congrats Mary and Jan. A huge thank you to Moses and Gabriela for shooting with me. Your work is greatly appreciated and peppered throughout this post.


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