Asbury Park Zombie Attack

A few months back, I scheduled an engagement session with Emily and Jesse at one of my favorite locations — Asbury Park. What I didn’t realize was that due to a potential hurricane the week before, the annual Asbury Park Zombie Walk had been moved to the week of said engagement shoot. I figured, eh, what could go wrong? Two days before the shoot, I get a slightly panicked text from Emily that read: “Hi George! Soooo, we have a problem. Lol the zombie walk is tomorrow down in Asbury.” To which I kindly replied, “And the problem is…?” Luckily, Emily was a good sport and wrote back, “Okay! I trust you! Lol. I guess a zombie in the background of a pic won’t be too bad?” And by a zombie she probably wasn’t expecting 7,000 undead ghouls. But that didn’t matter, because we were going to have a zombie engagement shoot — even if it killed us (and they almost did). Here are some of my favorite photos from our Asbury Park Zombie Walk. It was a bloody good time. A huge thank you to all the zombies that helped out and offered their ghoulishness for my photographic pleasure. You guys rock.